Warp and Byte Designs - Seminars/Workshops
Leslie Killeen - Handweaver, Durham, NC

Individual instruction is offered for beginning to intermediate/advanced weaving and beginning spinning. Workshops and seminars offered are listed below. A workshop/seminar listing with pricing and resumé are available in pdf format. References available on request.




Weaving - Loom controlled Shibori
Spinning- Inspiration to blended fibers

2 to 3 days
Design Process-Stepping Out of the Box - Geared to 8 and Fewer Shafts- Looking Beyond Shaft Number for Complexity

1 to 2-3 days
From Virtual to Real Vest

1 to 2-3 days
A Vest with Curves "Beyond the Cloth, Making Creative Cuts"

1 day (seminar with no hands on), 2 to 3 days hands on, depending on number of techniques
Surface Design for Pillow Tops/Vest Fronts

2 to 3 days
Network Drafting on 8 Shafts



The Sari
A trip to India in 2007 and 2009 created for me a fascination for the sari… truly one of if not the world's simplest constructed garment. The book The Sari by Mukulika Banerjee and Daniel Miller speaks of this 5 meter long rectangle piece of cloth traditionally hand-woven and they weave a fascinating story of this garment, it beauty, adaptability and personality. Along the way some of the profound complexities of India which finds itself moving rapidly into the modern world is revealed.
Through slides and lecture, this talk tries to capture how the sari is anything but just an object of clothing or a piece of cloth.
1 to 2 hours

The Creative Habit

Explore and understand the creative process through the eyes of the choreographer/dancer Twyla Tharp as told in her book The Creative Habit--Learn it and Use it for Life - a practical guide.
1 to 2 hours

Explore Color by using Needle Felting
A little knowledge about color will make picking colors for your next project more enjoyable. We will discuss the three characteristics of color--its hue, its intensity and its value; color contrasts, and the various combinations which can be used to create interesting color palettes. Using needle felting, colored fleece and a pre-felted bat, students will create a color wheel or needle felt a knitted piece.
2 to 3 hours

Micronesian Handicrafts through slides and hands-on experience
A slide presentation will take you to the islands of Micronesia, where you will view handwoven items made from palm and pandanus fronds. Then you will have a chance to weave your own Marshalles ball, one of the numerous "how to" items from Leslie's book- Creative Hands--Handicrafts of Micronesia. Other directions available are for a fan, star, flower and the knot used to create the patterns in the Trukese mats.
1 to 3 hours

Clothing Fabric from the Unexpected
1 to 2 hours

Virtual Vest
1 to 2 hours


Seminars/Workshops presented:
"Design Process - Stepping out of the Box"

Baltimore Weaving Guild, Baltimore, MD '09
Wilmington Weavers Guild, Wilmington, NC '07
Richmond Weavers Guild, Richmond, VA '07
Seacoast Spinners & Weavers Workshop, NewBern, NC '06
Central Ohio Weavers Guild, Columbus, Ohio '05


"Sewing with Handwoven Fabric" - Triangle Weavers, January 2014

"Lighting up your Winter with Color " -Durham Friends Meeting - finger painting and felting, January 2014

"Surface Design for Pillow Tops/Vest Fronts" - NEWS 2015, Triangle Weavers '08

"The Creative Habit" - Complex Weavers Seminar 2016, NEWS 2015, Triangle Weavers '07

"The Virtual Vest to Real Vest" - Triangle Weavers '07

"The Virtual Vest" - Convergence '06

"Complex Looking Cloth" - Convergence '06

"Complex Mountain High - Eight or Fewer Shafts" - Convergence 04

"Micronesian Handcrafts - Creative Hands" - NEWS 2015, Boston Weavers Guild
"Network Drafting" - NEWS - New England Weavers Seminar
"Color" - Triangle Weavers, Inc
"What If - Breaking Design Barriers" -Triangle Weavers, Inc.
"Deflected Double Weave" - Triangle Weavers, Inc.


For Sale Items:

Leslie is not a production weaver, preferring to do one of a kind fabrics, garments, fashion and house accessories by special request.
Please contact Leslie at 919-490-6335 or lkilleen@pughkilleen.com for information on upcoming shows in which her items may be for sale.