Warp and Byte Designs - Workshop
Leslie Killeen - Handweaver, Durham, NC

Virtual Vest - Then Real One
Making a Vest First in Paper then in Cloth
(Pillow Tops)


The vest is a great garment to combine woven and commercial cloths. Following a slide presentation, students will first create paper vests. Taking the ideas gleaned from the miniatures, participants will design, cut and stitch the real vest. Sewing and embellishments can be done by hand or sewing machine.

Vest patterns, fitting, construction techniques, seam finishing will be discussed and demonstrated. Students will use their own handwoven and commercial fabrics after first practicing on scans or paper provided.

Going from paper on a small scale to cloth on a full scale, you will create your own unique vest!


Workshop Length

1-2 hour seminar - work only with paper doing minature vests
1 day - create minature vest, then transfer ideas to pattern paper, actually size
2-3 days - same as 1 day, followed by using handwoven and commercial fabrics for real vest


    Pattern pinned onto interfacing

Supplies needed   


Same Handwoven cloth - 2 Different Vests


Virtural vest clothes line - Convergence 2006 - Grand Rapids