Warp and Byte Designs - Publications
Leslie Killeen - Handweaver, Durham, NC

Leslie's work has been published in Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot, the publication for the Handweavers Guild of America (HGA), Weavers, Handwoven, the Handwoven Design Collections, the Best of Handwoven e-Projects collections, The Complex Weavers Jounal, and Interlaced, The Weaver's Guild of Boston 90th Anniversary Book


Woven Vest Designs A Perpetual Calendar to Record Important Days self published available from Leslie

Complex Weavers Journal, February 2020, #122 "Inspiration from Silvia Heyden, Artist in the Bauhaus Tradition", page 40

Complex Weavers Journal, October 2019, #121 "A Complex Weavers Gathering: (You can have one too)", page 11

Complex Weavers Journal, February 2019, #119 "Announcing CW Southeast Gathering 2019", page 2

Complex Weavers Journal, October 2016, #112 "Complexity 2016 Prize Winner", page 14

Complex Weavers Journal, October 2014, # 106 "Black-and-White Drawdown as a Color PlacementTool", page 8

Complex Weavers Journal, October 2013, # 103 "A Joyful Collaboration" Designing Fabrics Study Group, page 22

Complex Weavers Journal , February 2013, # 101 "A Logo for Warp and Byte Designs" Double Weave Study Group page 17

Contributor to Interlaced The Weaver's Guild of Boston 90th Anniversary Book, "Zigzag Overshot" Runner, mathematical sequences, bright cotton, one shuttle, 4 shafts, 2012

Complex Weavers Journal , October 2008, # 88, pictures from the CW Seminar 2008 Fashion Show

Scarves on Eight Shafts: A Beaker’s Dozen+ an Interweave Press publication- Best of Handwoven e-Projects - Monet Water Lilies Scarf.

Handwoven Interweave Press March/April 2007 page 56 "Fiesta Cloth"

Complex Weavers Greatest Hits 2000 edited by Judie Eatough and Wanda Shelp - Fibonacci Overshot - color-and-weave 4 blocks page 169

Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot Fall '98 page 11 "Charish" 1998 Convergence Contest - Barbados Color I

Handwoven Interweave Press March/April 1998 page 55 "Water Lilies Scarf"

Weaver's Issue 20 1995 page 27 "Wintergreen" Table runner designed with network drafting on eight shafts

Handwoven's Design Collection Interweave Press
Shadow Weave Towels # 16
Tops "Raspberry Jam" #17

Creative Hands - Handicrafts of Micronesia, 1982 Kwajalein, Marshall Islands
A pictorial record of Micronesian handicrafts and seven "How To" projects -- available from Leslie