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Leslie Killeen - Handweaver, Durham, NC

Leslie has won awards for her scarves at NEWS, the New England Weaver's Seminar, her HGA Chairish contest entry Convergence 98, her HGA Doll contest entry Convergence 2000, and had her fabric selected to be in the juried HGA Convergence '98 and 2006 shows. In Convergence 2002 Vancover, she had an entry "Sea Shells by the Sea Shore" in the juried exhibit - Textile Tides - Phosporescence. Leslie has taught at Convergence 2004 and 2006. Her fashion collaborations with Regina Schellhaas appeared in the the Convergence Fashion shows, Mobius Mountain Kaleidescope in 2004 and Inca Trails in 2006.

Most recently, in Complexity 2016, Leslie was the recipient of the Complex Weavers Award for excellence in complex weaving. You can view a complete catalogue for the exhibit online in the Complexity Galleries.


Complexity 2016 - Complex Weavers Show

Blue Ridge Fiber Show 2012 "From My Garden to Yours" vest

Convergence 2006 Grand Rapids -" Inca Trail" - Fashion Show, Leader's Exhibit, Yardage Exhibit

Convergence 2006 Grand Rapids - Yardage Exhibit - juried yardage show - collaboration with Regina Shellhaas - "Inca Trail"

Convergence 2006 Grand Rapids - Showcasing Grand Inspirations: Leader "Peace on Earth" Vest and scarf

Convergence 2004 Denver - Fashion Show and Leader's Exhibit - Mobius Mountain Kaleidescope

Convergence 2002 Vancover - Textile Tides - juried exhibit - Phosphorescence "Sea Shells by the Sea Shore"

Triangle Weavers, Inc. "Follow the Thread" Chapel Hill Museum, Chapel Hill, NC October 2001-January 2002 'Barbados I'- pillow, 'Weaver Joy'- doll and 'Spider Legs'- fabric

Convergence 2000 Cinncinati, OH Doll Contest "Weaver Joy"

Convergence '98 Atlanta, GA "Charish" Contest Barbados Color I

Convergence '98 Atlanta, GA "Virtuoso!" Fabric Exhibit "Hurrican Fran - A Slow Recovery"

Triangle Weavers, Inc. "The Many Faces of Fiber" - 'Lengths of Time' Durham, NC July 20 - August 20, 1997

NC Craft Gallery Exhibit and Sale, Carrboro, NC Nov. '96

Randolph County Art Council Exhibit, Randolph, NC '95

NEWS '89 Contemporary Handweaving, Museum of American Textile History Andover, MA September '89-January '90
Set of three scarves, "Theme and Variation" 1st Place, Scarves, Belts and Sashes, 1st Pace, Exceptional Use of Colors

NEWS "Theme and Variation - Three Scarves" - Best in Scarf and Best in Use of Color '89

"Wool: Felted and Woven" Leslie Killeen (Weaving) and Susan Tornheim (Handmade Felt) The Newton Free Library Newton, MA January 1986

"Weaving and Batik" Leslie Killeen (Weaving) and Cheryl Fouche (Batik) Kwajalein, Marshall Islands 1978