Warp and Byte Designs - Techniques
Leslie Killeen - Handweaver, Durham, NC

Woven Shibori

From inspiration....

The warp is first painted....

The pulling threads (white) create the pattern and are place in between plain weave.

Once the weaving is completed, the pulling threads are used to gather the cloth into a very compact strip

The compact strip is either dipped into a dye bath or the dye is painted onto the strip in the desired locations

The pulling threads are then removed

To garment...



Non Traditional Overshot

Breaking with tradition, the cloth has a non overshot look. The zig zag feature of the overshot pattern thread usually hidden by the use of a fuzzy thread stands out in this piece.


Surface design:

Beading, and fabric manipulation, combining hand woven and commercial fabric




Double and Triple Weave

Double and a way to do triple weave on a four shaft loom, given a light, a dark, and a mix of light and dark areas




Double Weave Twill

Presented in a Poster Session at CW Seminars 2018


Sudoku Puzzle


Eclipse 2017




Felting -
Needle and Wet



Painted Warp with Inspiration