Warp and Byte Designs - Seminar
Leslie Killeen - Handweaver, Durham, NC

Surface Visions for Pillow Tops/Vest Fronts

This hands-on class explores techniques from Lois Ericson Studio Series -Five Pillow pattern. Combining hand-woven and commercial fabrics, you can try techniques listed below. We also discuss sewing techniques such as cording, lining, zipper installations, and seam treatments.

Class Length

1-2 hour seminar (no hands on)

1 day or longer depending on how many techniques included. Longer class length would allow technique to be used in a finished product.

Level of student expertise: Minimum sewing skills (machine or hand) helpful

Techniques included:
Stuff and Fuse
Wavy Weaves
Bits and Pieces
Wrinkled and Stitch
Tucks and Pleats
Edges and Slits


Finishing Techniques:

Making lining and how to attach
Bias tubing – to cover seam
Edge Trim – no raw seams
Seams Great
French Seam
Hong Kong Seam
Zipper for pillow